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Fun With Norsk

I don't think trying to read something in Norwegian while listening to something in Japanese is good for my brain... It prompts weird comments like "Aa, sore ga nihongo. Nihongo wa dame, ima wa -- sheesh, I don't even know how to say "Norwegian" in Japanese!"

Petter's site has updated with yet another article that hasn't been translated onto the English side. It's short, so I decided what the heck, I'll try my hand at it. Let me just say, I am just totally grooving on the power of a common linguistic root. There are a couple of words I still can't figure out, but I think it says "With teammate Mikko Hirvonen (23) as a passanger, World Champion Petter Solberg (29) [I can't figure this bit out] before the season opener in Monte Carlo." (I'm also not sure what the little subscript bit says. But hey, how much can you expect after only two weeks of study, huh?)

Edit: I forgot... The new online dictionary I'm using is found at this site. It gives the words in English, Norwegian and even Spanish! Three great languages that... I wouldn't necessarily have thought someone would want to translate between. But whatever.
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