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A group of people are getting together with The Village Idiot for lunch today, and I've been invited. Lovely.

This is the man who made my live a living hell for two solid years. I hate him at levels that I have hated few other human beings. At his retirement party for a while it sounded like he was having a heart attack and my first thought was "well damn. If he dies then I have to somehow manage to look sad about it." Yes, looking like I cared would really have taken effort on my part. And they want me to go to lunch with the fat fool.

Office politics being what they are, I really need to come up with a good excuse for not going and being "one of the body" since I have already been rapped for not being social enough. (Excuse me. Has it occured to you that the reason I am not social is that I do not LIKE you people!? Maybe it's because you're a bunch of sexist bastards who really shouldn't be let out in public without a keeper. Or maybe it's just because you suck. Pick your favorite.)
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