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Need New Developing Place

I got the last of my prints from Japan and Wales back -- again. I had to take them back after the initial processing because the processing house decided to ignore my nice little note where I mentioned that I had panoramic photos on the roll. When I took them back, the nice lady at Longs wrote on the "rush" delivery request that I wanted the panoramics printed panoramic, and that I wanted a matte finish.

I got nice, shiny panoramics.

At least they got the important part right. Still, I'm not impressed. Particularly since they took longer to do the "rush" job than they took to screw it up in the first place. Thanks, guys.

On the happier side, Puddle got a nice shot of Nicky, a couple of finger free shots of Booger Boy, and a bunch of nice car pics, so I really shouldn't be too grumpy. Even if they are all shiny.
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