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"I like cooking. They give you fun toys to play with -- like hammers!"

I have some cream cheese and graham crackers kicking around that I decided needed to be turned into cheesecake. Having had mint cravings for the past couple of weeks, I decided on a whim to make a pepermint cheesecake. The recipie calls for broken up pieces of hard peppermint candy.

AFter going to the store I had a platic bag filled with little individually wrapped peppermint candies. Struck with a brilliant idea, I threw the bag as hard as I could at the floor.

It was only when sharp fragments of peppermint candy flew past my foot that I realized that perhaps that wasn't the most brilliant idea I could have come up with.

My brilliant roomie (who observed the whole peppermint grenade thing, and was hugely amused by it) suggested wrapping the candies up in a towel and using a hammer. I love cooking. They give you fun toys to play with, like hammers!

As a side result of all this, I've decided that I need to nice, thick cheesecloth bag that I can smash things in with wild abandon. Hmm... I have some spare muslin and roomie is busy sewing today. And there still are graham crackers to be smashed...
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