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Freaky - Outie

This was a conversation between llamabitchyo and I:

Me: Tires don't sing, unless they are down to the cords. And then they are singing screaming death.

llamabitchyo: What song were they singing? "You Are My Sunshine?"

Me: Yes, they were in fact singing "You Are My Sunshine"

llamabitchyo: Then they must have been Pirellis.

Me: Yes. You need to leave now.

llamabitchyo: Fine, I'm leaving! And I'm taking my broccoli with me.

Me: Is one of us going to blog that?

llamabitchyo: Do I want everyone to know that I'm a freak?

Me: I think everyone reading my blog already knows you're a freak

llamabitchyo: You've outed me as a freak!?

Me: You haven't exactly been subtle. Next time don't go to the freak bar.

(And as a post script, I just want to tell llamabitchyo: Du er en freak.
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