Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

SF Auto Show

The San Francisco Auto Show was this week.

General impressions:

- The back seat on an RX-8 reminds me of being stuck in the back seat of my friend's father's Porsche back when I was six. It gets about as roomy as my back seat if the seat in front is pulled forward a decent amount, though. Otherwise, not a bad car -- though not one that I'm lusting after.

- I have totally fallen in love with the Murciellago. Just a beautiful car. And at $285,000... Well, if I had that kind of money lying around, I'd, uh, buy a house. >.> Okay, if I had everything I could possibly want to spend that kind of money on already and had that much money lying around I'd... uh, buy a used WRC car. <.< So, no Murciellago for me, *sniff*

- Subaru had one of their mock-up World Rally Cars there. Half the car was Tommi's, the other half was Petter's. It took me a while to leave that part of the display. (What? Quit looking at me like that! They had a highlights of the 2002 season playing, and there was stuff there that I hadn't seen before.)

- I'm totally in love with the STi. I can't entirely quantify why, but it just appeals to me. And the sight lines on it don't suck!

- I am not totally in love with the RSX. In fact, I am praying that nothing happens to my car, because I don't want to replace it with an RSX. The sight lines are even worse than in my car. Which is not good, because I have big spots that are far too easy to hide cars in already. And it is obvious that you sit higher in it. Not a plus in my book. Oh, and the clutch felt like it would be even more, uh, eccentric than mine. "Eccentric" is about the nicest thing that I've ever heard said about my clutch, so making it even more touchy is not a benefit.

- I am also not totally in love with the Evo VIII. This is actually a surprise for me. Before this, I had been slightly favoring the Evo over the STi, based on all the reports I've heard. I would have to try driving each of them to really compare, so there is still room for the Evo in my heart -- maybe. I can't remember what specifically it was about the Evo that annoyed me, but there was something. And the seats aren't terribly comfortable. I know they were supposed to have widened them for fat American butts, but it still feels a bit like sitting on a valley that is a little too small.

- I ran into the guy that I met on the train coming back from Japan. (Er, and since I haven't blogged the end of that trip, no one knows what I'm talking about. Oh well.) I was a little surprised he still recognized me, since it was a month ago, and we were both jet lagged. Still, it was fun chatting, and I liked seeing his photos from Suzuka.

- SCCA had a huge display upstairs of a bunch of stuff. I recognized most of the cars they had in the autocross display. And I got the dates for the rallycrosses for next year. lucifie, they have the next rally school listed for October 23, with an autocross the following day. Interesting? *lure, lure*

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