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Random Research Day II

Since most of my projects are stuck, waiting on people to get back to mean, that means today is a Random Research Day! Woo-hoo!

All of these links lead to Japanese-only sites. Several of them have cool pictures available for those who aren't afraid to do a little random link-clicking. (Read: don't be a doofus, check 'em out. C'mon, you know you want to...)

Links culled from today's researching:

Pics of M-Pass, Haruna, Akagi
Some unusual angles on some traditional places.

Semi-topo info for Mase

Pics of Mase from an IniD fan

Same site, but also pics of Shoumaru and Sadamine

The bottom picture has some interesting information about the road at the downhill goal

Another list of touge in Saitama
(The second pic on Mase has an interesting perspective of the place where Keisuke's FD was parked...)

Yet another list of touge in Saitama

Collection of things to look at later (probably of little interest to anyone other than me):

Need to look through the photos here a little more

Fanfic to read (Midsummer Night's Scary Story)

Something to look at later:

Grrr... I hate stupid programs that hijack whatever browser window is currently open, causing you to lose your search results when you unknowingly close the window. Evil! Evil! Evil!!!
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