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Mock me, will you? said the Storm.

So -heh - my brilliant plan worked.

I'd been hearing about this big storm we're supposed to be having that was supposed to have rolled in yesterday. Yesterday I saw a lot of wind and a lot of clouds and barely any sprinkles. Now, I love rain. Few things make me sleep better than dropping off to sleep listening to a gentle pattering of rain on the roof. So I thought, I want rain. Lots and lots of rain. So I decided that I would play the perversity of the universe off against itself, and loudly mocked the wimpy rain of yesterday, in the hopes of getting a more impressive showing out of it.

Note to self: Next time, make sure to take the next day off from work.

It rained last night. It rained all night last night. Not always hard, but very, very steadily.

I expected the commute in the morning would be bad. I expected there would be some flooding. I didn't expect the plugged storm drain.

Five lane freeway.

Three lanes closed due to flooding.

You do the math.

I saw one of the freeway workers poling around trying to find the drain. The water came up to mid-thigh on him. *SPLOOOOSH*

Two hours later, I finally pull into the parking lot at work, only to find that my boss has taken my parking spot. Just about all of my parking spots, actually. He has one of his cars on a trailer, parked across about seven parking spaces, right where I usually park. Humph.

Sitting in stop-and-stop traffic for an hour and a half did give me a chance to listen to "Lonely Driver Densetsu" ("Lonely Driver Legend"), the only Initial D drama CD that I haven't listened to yet. It was cute. Kenji's cool.

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