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To My Darling Coworkers

To the Bitchy Boss Lady:

Look, you tin plated dictator, you do not need to be involved in every aspect of your employee's work life. Your employees are capable individuals who can go and provide drinks for the company Thanksgiving pot luck without needing to go through you for authorization. Really. Trust me on this.

So take a deep breath, and tell yourself that no, we do not need to have an SOP on how to contact MIS to ask them to please bring drinks to the company Thanksgiving pot luck. And no, no one needs to originate a Capital Expenditure Request for us to buy enough sodas from Costco to keep 100-odd people happy. Okay? Okay.

(And to think, Operations asked us to bring the drinks because they didn't want to ask MIS to bring anything difficult, since they don't think we're capable of it. Apparently bringing sodas is now a little too difficult.)

To the One Clued User:

Do not ask me for information that you know I am not allowed to give you while I am sitting at my desk. My project manager sits in the cube next to me, and can hear every word I say. If you want to try and weasel information out of me that you know will get me in trouble for telling you, try doing it somewhere where I'm less likely to get caught.

Thank you,
- The Continually Crabby Sandpanther,
who will be very pleased when she gets over the vacation happy and re-aquires the protective work apathy.
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