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Curse You, Cellhire!

So after reading mizutamari's entry I decided to pop over to Costco and pick up Dido's latest CD. On a random whim, I did this at lunch. The CD was found sucessfully, and I headed off into line. After waiting through the interminable line for a while, I realized something important:

Costco doesn't accept my credit card. And my ATM card (which they do accept) still has a block on it, thanks to the cell phone rental place we went through screwing around.


So I called to get my card unblocked. This should (theoretically) have been a simple thing. I went through their automated system, and noticed that there were an awful lot of $10-ish charges that were being put through this week which were declined. That's odd, I thought. I rarely use that card, and since I know the card is blocked, I absolutely have not used it in over two weeks.

Based off of a long call with the Visa fraud services department, it sounds like it's that damn cell phone company again! *glower* Incompetent nitwits, what is your problem?!?

They have given me my deposits back (one for each phone). Since the two amounts are not equal, I assumed that they had deducted all the applicable fees already. Apparently not. Feh.

I've unblocked the card for the moment, and will continue monitoring what is going on with it.

(Mind, I wouldn't have been using my check card at all, except that the incompetent nitwits had also blocked my regular credit card as well -- apparently through the same stupidity that caused them to lock my ATM card in the first place.)

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