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Fluffy freaked out on me again today. At least this time he was stupid enough to do it with witnesses around.

I decided that enough is more than enough, and filed an official complaint with my manager. He is going to take it to Bitchy Boss Lady once she comes in.

Monday I have to say whether I will work with Fluffy again, or whether he should get removed from my projects. On the one hand, I want to say "HELL YES!! Get the evil bastard as far away from me as possible already!" On the other hand, I want to try and do the "let's all try to get along" and smooth over the fact that there's a personality conflict there. (Which is to say that anyone with a personality has a conflict with Fluffy.) I'm going to have to think about it over the weekend and decide which makes more sense. I think being nice at this point conflicts with some of the vows I made after our experiences in Wales (you're more likely to get what you want if you stand out), so I will probably not opt for the being nice option. But still... I really do tend to be nice in order to keep the status quo and not upset anyone. Doing otherwise is... difficult.

For the rest of today, I think my brain is going to sit in Wales, with my favorite hat on. If I don't make a lot of sense, that's why. Oh look, shiny red Pugs! *happy*

(Yes, I know I don't like Pugs. It's a long story.)
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