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According to the weather forecasting sites I'm looking at, the temperatures are supposed to be warmer in Wales for this week than they are at home. And drier, too. o.O??

(I am not completely fooled, though. Reports I hear from folks living in Wales is that it's been bucketing down rain every night, so I expect lots of damp and mud.)

Checked to confirm the flight and my reservation on it. I've got most of the "need to have"'s packed, and am starting in on some of the "nice to have" list. I continue to ponder the question of the cars. I'd like to bring them to be autographed, but I'm worried about carrying them, and whether it is even possible for someone to sign them. I think I'm going to bring Tommi's, since I won't get another chance to try for his autograph, but I'll leave Petter's at home. I wonder if I should leave it in its robot form, holding the good luck charm again?

(Boss just called me over to show me an article talking about how Richard won't be competing in Wales. Very sweet of him -- but he thinks this would have slipped beneath my radar how!?)

*sigh* Why do they make me sit at work? I have so little to take care of here, and so many other things to take care of at home.

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