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Indigestion, To Go

My boss has been blowing off a meeting that he said we were going to have Monday. Since the meeting is mainly to document issues I have with Fluffy, I wanted to make sure that my official complaint was registered. (I don't expect it to have any effect whatsoever, I just want to make sure that it has officially been done, just to have all the paperwork there.)

At our weekly meeting today, I pestered my boss about the meeting again. Actually, I asked him (jokingly) if he was going to blow me off again. He asked if I were coming to lunch with the group. I told him I'd blow him off for lunch, since he keeps blowing off my meeting. Blackmailed, he claimed he would do our meeting before lunch. I made plans to eat alone. (Yeah, so I have a lot of confidence there. It's not like I don't have precident for the lack of confidence.)

Anyway, it turns out that we had the meeting. And finished it in time to go to lunch. Joy. So I go to lunch with Mr. Grumpy (the second He Who Must Be Avoided At All Costs), and my boss -- who I am still pissed off at, even after the meeting (more on that later) -- along with a few other people from my department who rank in my book from "mostly harmless" to "not terribly useful, but at least I don't have to deal with them much". Anyone up for a nice, big plate of indigestion?

At any rate, I survived. And managed to waste a bunch of time while out at lunch, so at least the day is mostly over. Probably a good thing, I don't think I could last out much more of this week.

I almost talked to HR twice this week regarding inappropriate behavior on the part of my coworkers. The first was Fluffy and his creepiness of earlier. The second was regarding my boss chewing me out about failing to do my job, in front of Fluffy, in the open cube farm, based only off of stuff that he heard from Bitchy Boss Lady -- and that only being based off of a line item she saw in the budget and unspecified "stuff that she had heard." Wanna be any more vague and high school rumor mill-ish?

So, we had our meeting. I did bring up that I was pissed at him for that conversation. He claims that he was trying to smack Fluffy. I believe him, but he still needs to have been smacked. Fluffy doesn't get that kind of subtlety, and he knows it. (And agreed with me when I pointed it out.) I guess after our meeting we've reached a much better understanding. I hope he's got a much better understanding of where I'm coming from, since it's dead in his (and even Bitchy Boss Lady's) court.

Either way, I've heard it all before, so I'm not naievely wandering around thinking that it's all better now. *shrug* Who knows? Maybe it will get better. I'm always open to that possibility. I'm just not going to waste the energy getting hopeful. It's not worth the bother.

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