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"It looks like your room was attacked by an angry sock"

Several hours of thrashing stuff around my room later, and I still can't find my missing sock. Said sock is one of my high-tech, nifty-cool wool socks. It would be really nice to have it for standing around in a bunch of Welsh mud. But can I find it? Noooo.

What I did find was the floor. Funny, I haven't seen that in a while.

I woke up from a dream in which the price of pizza at the place I usually order pizza from had risen dramatically. The first I know of this, I have a pizza delivery guy on my doorstep asking for $75 for my small mushroom and olive pizza. I was baffled by how it could get to be so much, and demanded to know when prices had gone up. He showed me the new menu, and yes indeed, the price of pizza had risen. A plain cheese pizza was $50. Ugh.

I woke up from that dream, and realized that it was lighter than it should be. Sure enough, I had overslept somehow. This involves sleeping through not one but two alarms, neither of which I remember hearing or turning off. On the bright side, after the work suck I had yesterday, I really didn't care about getting to work late. Anyway, I was going to get in later because I have to pick up the bagels this week.

I get to the bagel shop, and discover that the order that I called in yesterday was not done. They screwed up the date, and thought I was picking it up... well, I don't know when. But it wasn't this morning. So I got to wait while they pulled my order together -- in between helping the other customers out. Excuse me? Pre-ordered or not, I was here five minutes before that bimbo you're helping out now!! I managed to keep my cool, and left in about as rotten a mood as I arrived.

The one good thing about the morning is that I found a crepe place that I didn't know was there. They look tasty, and will be a good place to bring my vegetarian friends.

Oh, and I managed to amuse myself with a rant. I think at least llamabitchyo would find it amusing as well, so I will include it here. Driving to pick up the bagels, I sit at a stop sign waiting for some pedestrian to finish sauntering (sloooooowly) across the road. While in the middle of the road, he suddenly turn ninety degrees to his right, and starts sauntering across the intersection the other way. Since thiw as parallel to my lane, I figure that he's aiming for the tram stop that I'm sitting next to, and start to pull out. He then changes direction, and saunters into my path. I stop. He heads for the tram stop. I glower. I say "Where are you going? Oh, all over the bloody road. Just like road kill, you mean?" I love conversations with myself when I'm in a vile mood. The strangest things pop out.

Anyway, driving in to work proved that Californians can't drive in the rain. I would feel better about that if it were actually raining. But no, there were only a few splatters -- not even enough to make people talk about how much better Pirelli tyres are on damp asphalt. Sheesh.

So far the rest of the day has been pretty non-offensive. Just got finished ranting at The Other VB Programmer. I amused the guy who I always call "Sunshine"* by being excessively snide. My roomie can imagine the levels of snide boiling off of me today, as she's seen me in this mood before. (I'm half surprised that she's not taking notes and won't publish my rants in a humor book sometime when I'm not looking.)

(* Calling him Sunshine is joke that pre-dates Beef's comment. He always comes over in the mornings to get coffee. I always say "Good morning, Sunshine" because he's someone who understands irony. Thus is the way that we try to bring some scant humor into our pathetic work lives.)

(The subject line, by the way, is what my roomie said when she saw my room while I was looking for the missing sock.)

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