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- Cooked two pots of broccoli soup, and started work on prepping to make a third (and final) pot.

- Delivered said soup to my parents and my aunt. The latter will probably really appreciate the soup later, as when I got to her house she had just discovered a water heater problem that will cost a couple of thousand to fix, and had an upset stomach to boot.

- Bought noise-cancelling headphones (in the hope that they will help me be able to sleep on the plane), and a DC-AC power converter that basically turns a car's cigarette lighter into an ordinary wall socket.

- Figured out how to transform my Transformers Scoobie rally car. I think I can even reliably repeat the process now!

- Got a large chunk of packing done. Everything remaining either needs washing, needs to dry, or needs to be tested.

- Cooked nummy pumpkin pancakes from scratch (including starting with a whole, real pumpkin.) Have the seeds all set up to be turned into spicy cinnamon-sugar pumpkin seeds.

- Confirmed that Mitsuwa does carry the new Pocky flavour. (Num!)

- Took a decent picture to mail to lucifie and mizutamari so that we might be able to find each other in Heathrow.

- Did some laundry.

- Put some other laundry away.

- Cleaned up some of the mess that has still not been put away from the Japan trip.

- Started a really silly fanfiction that will probably be a) intentionally bad, and b) understood completely by perhaps three people. Ah well, it amuses me.

- Was very boggled (but pleased!) with the final results of the rally in Catalunya (which I also followed off and on over the weekend.)

Not bad for a weekend, huh? I still have a thing or two that I want to finish up before heading off to bed early. But for now, dinner.

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