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I'm going back through some old work of mine and re-editing it with intent to clean it up so that it's fit to be posted to the Web. I am such a perfectionist that this is a grueling and painful process, as I go back and try to clean out every mistake I made. And boy, there are a painful lot of them.

So, I was sitting and flagellating myself on how terrible all the old stuff was, and wondering how on earth I could possibly have posted any of it to a public mailing list, and sulking that I couldn't even really go and mope at any of my friends since they would all either ignore me, or tell me it's not as bad as I think it is (But... But... It is!!) And then a random thought occurred to me: Isn't it wonderful that skill-wise I've progressed enough to be able to so easily spot where I made errors? Before I didn't even know there was anything wrong. Now, I see things and can fix them. I think this is encouraging.

Okay, going back to work, and firmly suppressing the urge to track down some hapless friend and whine at them.

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