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On Scratching Posts

I realized today that I have clearly underestimated Fluffy's value. He makes an excellent verbal scratching post. I was more entertained than a snarky bitch should be by asking him to do something, and, when he tried to dump the work back onto me, telling him that it's not my job to do it -- it's his. I'm sorry Fluffy, but as you said earlier (when I requested that you do your job), my hands are tied. *sweet, blonde, feminine smile*

Amusingly, the Other VB Programmer, overhearing the conversation, thought I was getting annoyed. I was having fun. Fluffy makes a good Sandpanther toy. *bat* *bat* *clawclawclaw*

In unrelated news, I hope my boss (who I do not use as a cat toy, and who sends me pictures of cool cars when I get pissed off) takes Friday off. I don't want to have our staff meeting this week...
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