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I Wanna See Pictures

*thinks about what else to add to the subject line*
*listens to the end of Corsica*
Yeah. I just wanna see the pictures. Now, dammit!

*starts with the rain dances for Catalunya*


*bouncies around a whole bunch*

Amazing. Just incredible. A win, after that shakedown. First win on tarmac for Petter, first win on tarmac for Subaru/Pirelli in a long time. Just wow.

Can't wait for GB. lucifie, going to Wales this year was a brilliant idea. I almost want to thank the FIA for screwing around, since that was what prompted us to decide to go. (Almost. In between homicidal rages at their stupidity.)

*dies laughing*

Becks: We need to play our song.

Chris: What song?

[that stupid French song starts playing]

Me: *Noooooo*

Chris: Don't ever play that thing again. I hate that song. Can we chuck the CD out the door when we leave? Just huck it out like some frisbee?

Me: *dies laughing*

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