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*laughs at Greg Strange being bitter about having his picture on the home page*

Far too amusing. Far too easily amused. Liked his complaining that he's had a hard day because he's had to hear about Richard's upset stomach. Liking his comments about how everyone is looking at the standings. "Oh look, Carlos Sainz is here, and he's looking at the standings. He's followed by a gaggle of Ford technicians and co-drivers, and guess where they all are doing? Looking at the standings. And here's Petter Solberg. He's not looking at the standings, because he's still rolling in."

*does a little rain dance*

*does a little "I can't believe how well-timed the rain was on that last stage, and oh look, it's raining on that stage now" dance*

*does the "I'm going to sleep for a couple of hours before waking up to catch the last stages" dance*
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