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Pictures can be seen here, provided courtesy of a French rally fan who was at shakedown.

Edit: It looks like they are going to try and fix the car.

Some other random shakedown news, including why Petter's car ran out of fuel in San Remo.

Warning: there is about to be a lot of ranting to follow.

An interview with Max Mosley He needs to stop smoking that stuff. I don't know what it is that he is smoking, but really, for everyone's sanity, he needs to stop. "Well the main reason is cost reduction. We are trying very hard to get the costs down in some sensible region because if we don't we are going to lose a lot of the manufacturers and other teams from the rally championship. Probably next year we will only have four manufacturers, whereas we had six this year and it is quite clear that unless we do something to eliminate a lot of the costs we will lose even more. " Hellooooow? Did you not notice that the reason Ford might be dropping out is specifically BECAUSE of the changes you implemented? And all those changes certainly helped Hyundai think that staying out of the mess until it gets settled is for the best. *slaps an orbital mind control ray-proof hat on the twit's head* Maybe that will help.

Um... And which four does he think there are going to be for next year? Peugeot, Subaru, Citroen... and Skoda? Mitsubishi? That makes it sound like he's written Ford off already.

*reads some more*

Well, I can see why the FIA is so screwed in the head. Max Mosely seems to have no grasp of basic logic, and almost no connection to reality. For example: What is actually happening is that we have found that the manufacturers teams were having meetings before the Commission meeting, agreeing a line then sending one representative to represent them all." Uh, that's because the manufacturers only get one vote on the Commission, which is why they got together to agree to what their ONE vote would say.

This man is so insane. Since the FIA is a sporting commission, it doesn't need to consider commercial interests? Since when? Where on earth do they think the money comes from? Does he have any clue why the manufacturers participate? I don't think it's out of some sense of sportsmanship. I think they are trying to sell cars because, well, that's what car manufacturers do. DUH! "We don't have to consider commercial interests" my non-existent dead cousin Ieaun.

I'm not sure I can finish reading this stupid interview. I want to hit this man with a smelly, spiky, bloated, festering, puss-ridden, frat boy-used catfish.

I like Markko's comment on the changes (from this article): "There is a saying in Estonia that people get used to everything, even hanging. The first day they are twitching, but the second day they calm down."

In other news, showers are expected all day Saturday and Sunday. Friday looks like it's going to be partially cloudy.

And over in Spain (because that's up on the 10-day forecast already!) it looks like it's going to rain all week, but we might see clearing by the time the rally itself gets underway (though crews are going to be wet for the recce and shakedown.)

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