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Still With The Bored

Is anyone surprised that even after eight working days without me here they *still* have not managed to get the paperwork signed to allow me to actually move forward on the Really Darn Urgent projects that are waiting for me to be able to work on? And so I enter week four with nothing to do. (Week five if you count the one that I was gone for.) Grr. Arg.

And while with the work whining, is it petty of me to be annoyed that in correcting errors in the test scripts I wrote, one of my coworkers has taken it upon himself to edit my phrasing as well? Particularly when what he rephrases things into does not match what I originally said (and as such is less correct from a technical, how the program works, standpoint?) And petty (gah, too tired, I just typed "petter" -- can you tell that I've spent all morning trying to catch up on the rally related backlog?), *ahem* petty though it might be, I think I am going to indulge in being annoyed that he is now correcting phrasing that on the previous go-through he changed in the first place. In fact, the new wording is remarkably similar to my original wording. I'm considering telling him to go sod off in this case. Sadly, I don't think currently I can come up with a polite way to do it, and I don't want to offend this particular coworker. So I will probably just change the phrasing back to how he wants it, and simply stew in my annoyance that he keeps messing with stuff that he has messed with before. And failing to follow directions correctly. But that is another issue.

Still really tired. Still really grumpy. Still completely confident that I will have absolutely no problem naturally waking up for the first stages of Leg 1 for Corsica. Rar.
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