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Slippy Bacon, Maybe

Ah, I had been wondering what conclusions had been made on the active suspension Subaru used in San Remo.

Ford's still dithering about whether to compete next year or not.

I guess there is an FIA World Council meeting sometime this week? And they're talking about yet more rule modifications. Nngh, stupid FIA. Haven't they done enough already?

Current weather forecast for Ajaccio calls for showers on Friday and Saturday, with Sunday being partly cloudy.

In unrelated news, it is going to take a miracle to keep me awake until lunch. *ponders going to Starbucks for a hot chocolate* Hmm, might be a thought. It's not like I have work to do here or anything.

The subject line, by the way, is something that I thought I heard while watching an in-car stage (Petter on Col du Turini in 2002). I'm not sure what word should be replacing "bacon", but I'm fairly convinced that something should! (Though really, I would expect raw bacon to be quite slippy, particularly if it has a high fat content!)

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