Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Ice Cream Soda

There's a vending machine selling ice cream soda downstairs. I am going to have to get a can when I leave. It has a really wonderful piece of Engrish that I wish I could remember. Oh well, I will write it down later.

Still in Japan. Still hate the keyboards. Have not (yet) stuck it in kanji input mode. Though that last part is likely to change any moment now.

I found out that life sucks when you are trying to log onto an account that has an underscore in it while on a Japanese keyboard. I wish I could figure out how to type one so I can check my mail! Feh.

This t-shirt amuses me. I should probably get one.

I haven't spent more than USD100 on personal stuff yet. Did manage to almost fill all my memory cards in one day. Wow, do I have a lot of photos to sort through!

BTW, you people all write a lot! One day's worth filled a page.

Gotta run, computer time is about to get a lot more expensive. (100 yen/15 minutes?! Feh.)
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