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Curiouser and Curiouser

The Princess is more of a sadist than I ever realized. Probably even more of a sadist than I am.

So, my boss has a new boss. A new female boss. We just got told about it today, though I had overheard a conversation* yesterday that made me suspect.

(* Contrary to how it would look based on my blog entries for today, I do not spend all my time wandering around listening to other peoples' conversations. In this particular case, the conversation was conducted by the Village Idiot, who holds all his phone conversations on the speaker phone so that anyone sitting anywhere in the department -- like me -- can hear it. He also conducts them in a loud voice most of the time, so it takes active effort not to hear his conversations. The other conversation was held in the break room, and was addressed to about eight other people, so it was also hard to miss what was being said.)

It was the Princess who pointed out that my chauvinistic boss might have a few problems reporting to a female boss -- who also happens to be slightly younger than he is. My boss, as well as many of the other people in my department, are borderline prosecutable for their sexists comments and attitudes. In fact, they are so close to that line that sometimes I'm not entirely sure which side of it they are on.

And now they all report to a woman. This should be fascinating.

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