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Brain... Going...

I'm starting into my third week of not being allowed to work on projects (due to the new stupid process we follow for getting all work approved.) I'm not the sort of person who sits idle for long periods of time with no problems, and my brain is starting to go.

Just now I looked at the title of the song playing, which was "Tsumetai Hana", or "Cold Flower". The brain slipped sideways and thought of one of the other meanings that the word "hana" could have, which is "nose".

Well, it's possible to have a cold nose, I thought. Maybe the song is about a dog with a cold nose? Maybe the dog is named "Hana", so there is a double entendre in the title of the song?

About this point in time some scant sanity reasserted itself, and I managed to stop myself short of writing a song about someone with a pet dog Hana who has a cold nose.

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