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Japan Schedule

This is kind of a relax-a-trip, which is why the schedules are so informal. (Those who have been to Japan with me before will understand. Those who have not will wonder just how much of an over-planning freak I actually am.)

Friday: Land ~2:40-ish, depending on a lot of factors.

3:30-ish: Finish getting baggage and clearing Customs.

4:00-ish: Get money exchanged, get Rail Pass activated.

4:30-ish: Catch NRT in to Tokyo.

5:30-ish: Arrive Tokyo Station.

6:00-ish: Survive the horror that is hauling luggage through Tokyo Station during rush hour. Ponder why I didn't just fork the cash to catch the Keisei Skyliner, which would drop me directly at Nippori. Remind myself that the $20 it would have cost is being saved for rally kitch while in Wales. Think sardine-ish thoughts and squish onto Yamanote line, along with a third of the population of one of the world's most crowded cities.

6:01-ish: Wonder briefly if I got on the train going the right direction, or if I'm about to be in for one Very Long Ride.

6:04-ish: Stare out at Akihabara and think happy shopping-ish thoughts (not to mention relieved, "yes, I'm half asleep but I'm not that stupid - I hope" thoughts.)

6:15-ish: Arrive Nippori. Find out if I am, in fact, staying at a ryokan in the middle of one of the largest cemeteries in Tokyo. (fresne, you went to this cemetery while you were in Japan.)

6:30-ish: Wonder why, if the ryokan is supposed to be a one-minute walk from the train station, am I not there yet?

6:35-ish: Find the ryokan. Wonder why it took me so long.

7:00-ish: Finish checking in and getting settled. Wonder why, if I landed so early, it is now so late. Firmly remind self that it is not late enough to sleep yet, so get self's butt out there to get dinner, and maybe zoom over to Shinjuku to hit the Kinokuniya.

8:00-ish: Realize that everything is now closed (well, everything I would be remotely interested in, that is), and trek back to the ryokan.

8:40-ish: Arrive back at the ryokan. Putter around for a while, then seek out the bath.

9:45-ish: Finish bath. Decide that it's finally late enough to give up for the evening. Go to sleep.


4:30-ish: Wake up way too early because it is way too hot. Tell self to go back to sleep. More or less fail.

5:45-ish: Give up on the "sleep" thing. Get up and turn on the TV to check the weather.

6:30-ish: Give up on puttering around, and get dressed. Leave the ryokan. Realize that 1) there is no food to be had here, and 2) nothing will open for many hours anyway. Be very bummed. Eat a power bar, and drink some water.

7:00-ish: Get to train station, headed to Tokyo station.

7:15-ish: Transfer to the Yokosuka line, bound for Kamakura

8:15-ish: Arrive Kamakura central station. Find somewhere to get breakfast (hopefully a bakery.)

8:30 - noon: Wander around Kamakura. See how many go-shuuin I can collect, and check out some of the cool places that we totally missed when we were in Kamakura early.

noon- 1: Return to Tokyo.

1:30: Arrive Kudanshita. Try to remember how to get to the martial arts supply store I need to find.

2:00 - Find the place. Get a new sageo.

2:45 - Arrive back at ryokan, get stuff for practice.

3:00 - Head out to Matsudo practice.

5:00 - 7:00 - Matsudo practice.

After practice: Probably go out with folks for dinner. Try to stay awake as late as possible.


5:30 - Wake up way too early. Try to go back to sleep. Probably fail. Remind self that there is nothing to do in a foreign country when nothing is open. Laze in bed for a while.

6:30 - Turn the TV on to check the weather, and look at the pictures from the day before.

Spend most of the morning wasting time (maybe go check out the cemetery?).

9:00-ish - Head out to Kichijouji.

10:00-ish - Arrive Kichijouji. Hope that RecoFan is open. If it is, waste time looking for CDs.

11:00- ish - head back to the ryokan. (Yeah, short shopping trip.)

12:00-ish - head out to Matsudo practice.

1:00 - 3:00 - Matsudo practice.

3:00 - 4:00 - return to ryokan.

Rest of day: Shopping. Probably Ikebukuro (Animate, K-books, the RecoFan out there, etc. Maybe head into Akihabara or Nakano?)

9:30-ish: Go to bed. Earlier is okay.


5:45: Wake up. Get up promptly and leave quickly. (Yay, jet lag doing something helpful!)

6:30 - 6:45 - Travel to Tokyo station, catch Takasaki-bound train.

8:00 - Arrive Takasaki. Transfer to Shibukawa-bound train.

8:45 - Arrive Shibukawa. Maybe take pictures in the train station area?

9:00 - Catch Ikaho-bound bus.

9:45 - Arrive Ikaho.

Until noon: Explore the town. Get shrine kitch. Get go-shuuin from Ikaho Jinja (providing they have one).

noon-ish: Get lunch.

12:45-ish: catch Harunako-bound bus.

1:15-ish: Arrive Lake Haruna. Meander around taking pictures around here and the road down, until the light fades. Head back to Tokyo/Ueno station (don't need to go all the way back to Tokyo station and then back again.)

10:00-ish: Arrive back at ryokan, footsore and completely exhausted. Take a long, hot bath. Go to bed.


Check out of ryokan. Put stuff in a locker in Tokyo station. Catch Takasaki-bound train.

~9:30 - Arrive Takasaki. Catch bus for Akagi.

~11 - Arrive Akagi summit/Energy whatever-it-is building. Loiter and take pictures.

~3 (if not earlier) - Return to Takasaki. Pick up a yuki ichigo, just 'cause.

~5 - Arrive Tokyo

~8:30 - Arrive Kyoto. Check in, take bath, go to bed.


Get up early. Do laundry.

~9:30 - Head out to Enryaku-ji.

Spend day loitering around mountain, exploring and taking pictures. Return to Kyoto for dinner at the Chinese place. (Mmm!)


7:00-ish: Get up, pack up, check out. Don't bother getting out much earlier than 8:00-ish, since the bakery doesn't open until then. Stash luggage at the train station

8:20-ish, catch train to Wakayama

10:10-ish, arrive Wakayama.

10:10 - noon: Explore Wakayama Castle

noon - 12:30: Lunch.

12:30 - 1:30 Travel to Osaka

1:30 - 2:15 Travel to K-Books

2:15 - 4:00 Explore K-Books

4:00 - 5:15 Travel to Kyoto

5:15 - 6:00 Dinner in Kyoto. Pick up more backed goods for the trip/breakfast tomorrow.

6:15-ish - 9:45 Travel to ryokan in Tokyo.

9:45 - on - Bath, get settled in room, go to sleep.

9:15-ish: Catch train to Wakayama.


??? Whatever strikes my whim. Shopping? More Kamakura? Try to see Iroha with leaves on the trees? Try to get to Myougi Shrine and maybe get shots of Shy Mountain without mist? Start the Chichibu pilgrimage? Okayama Castle? Minowa Castle remains and whatchamacallit Shrine out near Ikaho? (Need to bring the pilgrimage book.) Who knows??


Morning: whatever hasn't already been done that there is an urge to do.

5:00 (if not early) - Gather stuff and head to Shibuya practice. Do practice. Go out to dinner with group afterward. Collapse in a heap, since this will run quite late.


Get stuff together, check out of ryokan, meet up with Raj and group, travel out to wherever. End the day in Murayama.


Watch the taikai in Murayama. Evening: repack everything for the trip home.


Get up really darn early. Catch train out of Murayama to Narita.

5:something PM - Get on plane home.

10:10 AM (same day) - Arrive SFO. Get luggage, pass through Customs, drag home. Watch San Remo. Try not to sleep until much, much later.

Depending on what I decide, I may go down to Kyoto early in the day and tourist around there, and put off doing Akagi until I return to Tokyo on Thursday. It will really depend a lot on whim. Though clearly a little more thought and research needs to be going into this itinerary. Why do I figure this out three days before I leave??

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