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The good news: I will have plenty of time this week to clear out old e-mail and do research for my trips.

The bad news: It looks like we're heading into week 3 of my not having any work to do thanks to the dumb bureaucracy. Today, Fluffy is MIA. Tomorrow and Thursday, The One Clued User will be gone. And after that, I will be gone. There goes my hope of trying to get things to move forward before I go so that while I'm gone people can get everything signed off so there might be a prayer of my having something to do other than fall asleep and drool on my keyboard when I get back. Mmm, tasty drool.

I told my boss that I was only going to be here Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. He looked perplexed, and asked where I would be the rest of the week.

"Out of the country," I replied.

He looked confused, and said "But that's not until October!" *pause* "Oh, it is almost October."

*whistles innocently*

Meanwhile, one of my other coworkers is now talking about catching Rally Mexico. *wince* Evil woman. I'm sure she's doing it to get revenge for watching my tape that had only part of Rally Cyprus on it. The reason I loaned her the tape was because it had this year's Acropolis Rally on it. But I had forgotten that I had part of Cyprus on there -- but not all of it, since I ran out of tape. (My copy of Cyprus is on another tape.) She was swearing up a storm when she caught me today. It took quite a while for me to understand what she was talking about, since I thought she was watching Acropolis, but she had actually be watching Cyprus.

At least that was a mildly entertaining conversation. I suspect that will probably be the high point of my work day, in fact.

I now have Paladin of Souls, the new Lois book, which is the sequel to Curse of Chalion. I'm thinking of saving it for the plane to England, since I read Curse on my way back from England the last time. I suspect that might be unwise, since I'm really hoping to get some sleep whilst on the plane.

(Isn't "whilst" a lovely word? I always love it when one of my British coworkers uses it.)

I think I'm going to post this now, so I can use this space to brainstorm about what exactly I am going to do whilst in Japan. And then I'm probably going to see if I can't examine some more maps of Wales -- unless something else decides to come and captivate my attention.

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