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Wales Stages - Leg 1

This post is of absolutely no interest to anyone not going to catch Wales Rally GB this year.

I'm trying to summarize down all the information on the stages in order to plot where to go on which ones. The results are as follows:

SS2 - Brechfa (also spelled Brechva)
Length: 23.12 km
Run at: 07:51 Friday

There are two car parks, A and B. I've only found information for car park A.

Distance to stage (car park A): about 2 miles!

Notes on this stage: Generally this is not a crowded stage. Being the first forest stage of the rally, there are not that many passes that allow access to this stage.

Spectating spots: there is a staggered junction a short walk from the spectator area. Also, there is a spot where there is a hairpin.

Any other notes: Carlos Sainz had a big accident here in 2001. Since that involved spectators, it was mentioned that spectator control on this stage might be fairly tight. Also, there are no bathrooms here.

SS3 - Trawscoed
Length: 27.97 km
Run at: 08:30 Friday

Car parks C, D, and E. (D and E are likely to be splits off of the same road.)

Distance to stage (car park ): From car park C, no more than a mile, possibly only a few meters. Same situation from car park D

Notes on this stage: It has been relatively uncrowded in past years. There is a very limited number of passes that allow access to this stage, so it should be lightly spectated.

Spectating spots: Car park C leads to an open viewing areas on a banked section. Car park D leads to a nice S-curve section. This is near all the facilities, and can become crowded. If you walk to the left a little from this area, there is a section where you can see across the valley if the weather is good (but it rarely is.)

Any other notes: Weather permitting, it should be possible to see the cars before they reach the spectator area from car park D.

SS4 & 6 - Rheola
Length: 32.45 km
Run at: 11:20 and 15:48 Friday

Car parks F, G, and H (H is Walters Arena)

Distance to stage (car park ): From car park F, about half a mile uphill. From car park G, about two miles, maybe a little less depending on how close to the stage one can park. Car park H is a short walk. From H, go one way to Walters Arena. Go left to get to a hairpin and an open area.

Car park F gets quite congested. The walk from car park G is fairly steep.

Notes on this stage: This stage contains Walters Area, a mile-long section that is mainly there for the spectators (though it is also supposed to "challenge the drivers" as well.) Walters Arena caters to families, and has a wide variety of both conveniences. There is a lot of action to see, but the spectators are kept well back from it all. This will also be a popular area, as one of the day ticket options is for just this stage.

This stage is run twice.

The police warn that this is a high-crime area.

Spectating spots:

Car park H: Obviously the Walters Arena. Also, there is an open viewing area where you can see the cars for about 20 seconds or so! This section is fast, and they come over a rise. There is also a bank that spectators can stand on to watch a tight right-hand downhill hairpin. Yet another spectating option is a gate which the drivers almost have to chicane to get through, which catches some drivers out.

Car park G has fast, flowing bends.

Car park F has access to a couple of 90 degree bends.

(The site I'm gathering this off of seems to be really fond of the area around car park H.)

Any other notes: This is going to be a very crowded stage, with associated traffic problems. But the access to the stage is supposed to be quite good.

SS5 - Resolfen (also spelled Resolven)
Length: 47.55 km
Run at: 12:43 Friday, 15:19 Saturday

Four car parks: I, J, K, and L. Note that the web site I'm going off of calls them A, B, C, D and E (yes, that is five...) and so confusion may ensue. More research will be needed for this stage before the car park information makes any sense.

Based on the maps, I believe that car park C is car park J, car park D is car park K, and car park E is car park L.

Car park E is in the town of Resolven, and tends to gridlock.

Car park D is very popular due to an uphill hairpin. It can also get wet up there. There is also a section that can be difficult to get through if you do not have a 4X4.

The spectator area at car park B does not let you get close to the action. The page's author highly recommends against it.

No information is listed for car parks A and C.

Distance to stage (car park ): 2.3 miles from car park D to the hairpin.

It is a 5-10 minute walk from car park E. If you go for another 10 minutes up a steep gravel section, there is a nice hairpin.

It is a 5-10 minute easy walk from car park B.

No information is given about car parks A and C. Whichever those might be.

Notes on this stage:

Spectating spots: Uphill hairpin (busy and popular) accessible from the car park in Cymer (I believe this is car park K...) All the rest of the information listed involves a long hike down from the top of the mountains, and does not sound like a really feasible option for this trip. The author does recommend against car park B -- whichever that might be.

Any other notes:


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