Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Oh Nasal Decongestant, How You Desert Me!

It's official. I'm sick. I think it's the flu, since I ache and get the chills.

I threw enough medications at it last night that I got a reasonable amount of sleep. (Yes, seshat, I'm feeling rotten enough that I'm actually taking something for it, rather than just hoping it will go away.) I woke up feeling fine. I felt okay when I got to work. About an hour ago I suddenly started feeling worse.

Eventually I realized that's probably because the twelve-hour nasal decongestant is wearing off. *sniff* Farewell, faithful nasal decongestant. You were a good and true companion while you were with me.

I'm debating not taking anything else so that I can convince everyone that I'm horribly ill and can ditch on work early.

So, anyone who has seen me in person in the last few days, you may want to start taking your vitamin C. This is a fairly nasty flu, so avoid catching it!

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