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Gah, What Are They Thinking??

It looks like all the changes proposed were accepted. This screws one of Citreon's drivers, one of Peugeot's drivers... and one of Ford's. Dumb, dumb, dumb. The Sandpanther is not well pleased with this.

At least the recce system isn't completely dumb. The crews do get to check out the stage conditions the day of the stage. Though I have a bad feeling this will make it a lot harder for me to follow rallies, since they will then all happen in the middle of the night. Hey, FIA! Why are you making it harder for me to follow the sport? Is this a good way to attract more fans??

Does anyone know why there was this sudden and unholy need to get 16 rounds in this year? Also, does anyone have a clue exactly what benefit the FIA brings to the WRC?? They gotta be getting something out of it for all this hassle.

The calendar has officially been announced. Japan and Mexico both make it in. So, who's up for catching them? ^_^

August through the end of the season there is a rally every other week. I wonder how long that kind of schedule is going to be kept? I would expect that it will end up being too hard on the teams.

(Maybe it's a good thing that I won't be able to follow events live much, since that kind of a schedule would require me losing too much sleep!)

Of course, all this end of the year crunchiness does not avoid having a stupid SIX WEEK gap in March/April. Why don't they spread things out more?? Feh.

Edit: I just realized that the first event to use the new system will be Mexico, since Monte Carlo and Sweden are excepted from it. A new system and a new event... Sounds like a recipie for disaster!
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