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It's The Little Things...

Sometimes it takes just the smallest thing to make me happy... I submitted my vacation request for my time off in October. While I was filling out that paperwork, I remembered that I took a day off in August that I hadn't filed the paperwork for yet, so I did that as well. (It took me a while to remember when it was... eventually I remembered that it had to have been the Wednesday after Rally Finland, since I wanted to see the coverage on a big screen, and we had problems finding parking for my roommate's truck since my car was hogging the garage. Oh, the weird ways I remember things!)

I handed both requests to my boss, explaining that the second one was for the time I took in August. He handed it back to me and told me to forget it. My boss rocks.

I talked to the other person who brings in goodies for Friday mornings. The first bit of good news is that she's found a bagel place that's on her way in to work, so no more all-donut Fridays! The other bit of excitement is that we've arranged things so that I don't have to pick up bagels for any rally weekend for the rest of the season. Very cool.

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