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What A Way To Wake Up

The rally-induced time distortion has set in... I woke up this morning because I realized that it was light outside. My first thought was, oh shoot, I forgot to set my alarm. How late for work am I? I roll over and check the clock. While I was trying to do the math to figure out just how late to work I am, I realize that, oh, it's Sunday. Gah.

Probably just as well that I woke up... I was having a weird dream that involved Initial D, Knight Rider, and swimming. Fortunately, I can't remember much more of it than that.

~What a beautiful da-ay-ay, what a beautiful day/ Nothing is impossible in my all-powerful mind~

(It's stuck in my head. So I thought I'd share. And give my roomie song lyrics to really grumble about.)

No rally for me for six weeks. >.< I'm going to be in Japan during San Remo. *SNIFF* I'm thinking of picking up a wireless card for my laptop, since supposedly McDonalds in Japan have wireless Internet service. Tsukimi burger, here I come!

Corsica will be fascinating. Jet lag + con/friends over + rally = a very good thing that we won't be driving to the con. (There's not parking in that part of town, so we should just take public transit.)

Eh, I feel like rambling about some stuff from the rally. Warning, there be spoilers

So, yeah, duh, yay Petter!! And yay Sebastien. That was an incredible drive from Seb! Move over Marcus, here comes Sebastien! He pouts better than you anyway.

Before the rally I was pondering my podium prediction. I rather whimsically said, oh what the heck, let's just say Petter wins it. I don't really think that I was serious. *amusement*

There were a couple of other interesting points to this rally. None of the works drivers retired because of mechanical problems. Even Marcus and Markko had completely functional cars. I don't think I've ever seen a rally where the car's stamina played less of a role. (Remember, I haven't even watched a full season yet.)

Both Skodas finished! This is a first for the Fabia.

Mikko won his little fight with Francois. It was such a minor little fight -- no driver's points involved -- but it amused me. I'm all the more impressed because Mikko is driving the 2002-spec car. Mikko was rewarded by picking up the only manufacturer's point that Ford got out of this rally.

Markko still ended up not finishing due to a mechanical failure - albeit a dumb one. All but one of his cars seem to be evil and perverse. Though this one got to new heights of perverseness.

(I've decided that most of Markko's cars are evil. Both of his wins this year have been with the same shell. The other ones have had critical mechanical failures that wiped Markko out of the rally. This time the mechanical failure was just really small and stupid.)

Speaking of stupid, Markko's exclusion from the rally was still really lame. What an insane little technicality.

It's a pity Toshi Arai had to retire from the PWRC. That title has just tightened up a lot.

Rally Hokkaido is next weekend. Let's see what everyone has to say about it...

Two solid *kicks* need to be delivered to the deserving. I'll start with the FIA and how lame they are being on the proposed changes for next year. *boot to the head*

And -- unsurprisingly -- Provera is annoying me again. Check this quote out:
"Each team has its giant," pronounced Corrado. "Subaru has Petter Solberg who did a magnificent job here, and Citroen has Sebastien Loeb. After we lost Marcus it was going to be difficult to fight for the win, even with a driver as talented and reliable as Richard."

*boot to the head*

The man can't do math. Richard's brought the Pugs half of their manufacturer's points this year. Pretty second-rate, huh?

The article I picked that quote up from had one other interesting piece of information:

Interestingly Peugeot still officially lead the manufacturers’ championship, even though they have the same number of points (110) as Citroen. Both companies have the same number of wins and second places: the tie-break goes down to the number of third places. Peugeot possess slightly more for which they have Richard to thank. . .

*kicks Corrado*

I hope Citreon puts off announcing which driver they keep for as long as possible. I'm not looking forward to yet more of the mopping "this will be the last time he [whatevers] on this rally." "This will be the last time he takes that jump. *sob*" "This will be the last time he breaks his suspension on this rally. *bawls*" "This will be the last time he smashes into that tree. *wails*"

*boot to the head*

Ok, so that was three boots to the head. "Our three main weapons are... *boot to the head* *boot to the head* *boot to the head* * boot to the head*

Lo, I ramble. Need more sleeeeeeep.

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