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The Freaky Wheels Of Her Mind

I was waiting at a stop light yesterday on my way home from work. Suddenly I realize that there is a car that is going a lot wider around the corner onto the street I'm sitting on than it should, and its path is going to bring their car a lot closer to mine than I like. The car stopped, and before I realize why, my back-brain supplies the type of car it is, a Mitsubishi Starion. I think "huh, I wonder if that's one of Turbo's cars...?"

At that point Turbo rolls down the window and calls my name.

I am such a dork, I identified the car model and made the connection to the likely owner before I figured out that the reason the car was pulling up at the angle it did was because the driver --who I know -- wanted to talk to me.

Another recent dorky moment:

On rally weekends I bring the laptop into my bedroom. I figure that I can use the bribe of checking the latest rally coverage to get myself to become somewhat conscious in the mornings. Since I leave World Rally Radio on (so I don't even have to think about trying to click on anything when not entirely conscious), I can't set the laptop to sleep mode.

I wake up this morning at around 4 AM, having had an uneasy dream and suddenly feeling the need to go to the bathroom. I think, "well, at least this time it is a rally weekend, and I can check the classifications since I'm awake already anyway." (I've been waking up around 4 AM an awful lot recently. Every time I do, I lament that there is no rally running, since if there were, I could at least get something useful out of being awake at 4 AM.)

I notice that it's very quiet. I keep leave the headphone plugged in and the volume low so that I can sleep, but there is always a very faint bit of noise coming from the laptop. I put the headphones on for a second and determine that yes, WRR has stopped. I pull up the correct screen to start it up again, expecting that it will give the same connection error message it gave most of yesterday evening. I am pleasantly surprised that it connected and started buffering. I then hop down the hallway to the bathroom.

(Yes, I am so much of a geek that get the radio running again before I go pee. I probably would have checked the classifications as well, but I really, really had to pee.)

Coming back, I squint blearily at the classifications. Realizing that I don't see Marcus anywhere, I pulled on my glasses. Nope, still no Marcus. Unable to resist the curiosity, I pull up the news and find out that Marcus is out of points contention, if not out of the actual rally. I close the laptop back up again and roll over to go back to sleep.

As I'm getting settled in, I hear a very faint noise from the headphones. Following some subconscious urge saying that I knew that sound, I pull the headphones back on again.

The song playing is "Bring Me To Life". I can't believe I managed to identify it without the headphones on.

Dorkily, I listened through to the end of the song. Yeah, I own the CD and can listen to it any time. I am such a dork.

After that I went back to sleep for a little while. I woke up in plenty of time to catch the coverage on the Super Special, and to hear that Marcus may withdraw from the rally because there is no chance of scoring points. Not a bad start to the day, other than the lack of sleep aspect. But then I can't imagine a rally where I feel well rested throughout it.

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