Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Classic Colin-fu

Quote from Colin, found on "Australia is quite similar to Finland in many ways, and we showed what we were capable of there. "

Yes, Colin did give a mighty display of Colin-fu in Finland. It's not every day you end up with that many car pieces after a crash.

(Yeah, I know that's not what he meant, and yeah, I know he was doing reasonably well until he ran into a tree. But really, the words "Colin" and "Finland this year" conjure up an image of a crashed car, and Derek Ringer standing alone in a field.)

*hums happily* Less than 24 hours... Looks like the weather in Australia could be as big a factor as it was in Germany. It's raining currently, and rain is predicted for Sunday. (Saturday? Sunday? Er... Their Sunday, my Saturday. I'm confused about what day it is already.)

From the news/rumor mill:

Subaru might run a third car next year. Hm, that could be amusing. And potentially not a bad opportunity for Subaru.

Why did I think the Wild West Rally was last weekend? It's not, it's this weekend. *pokes llamabitchyo* Move back to Seattle so I can come and visit you for the rally. ^_~

US fans will find Mehta's comments in this article very interesting. Now I wish I could remember which event uses pace notes. (Most US rallies don't.)

Gah, I still haven't figured out my podium picks for Australia. Must remember to do that.

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