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It All Depends On Your Perspective

So, after having my poor lil spider freak out several of my friends this weekend, it occurs to me that I probably should clarify what I meant by "lil", before my cute new plushie causes any more of my friends to do the "Eew, eew, freaky, EEW!" dance. That "lil" part in my earlier blog about the "cutest lil plushie spider" really is meant to indicate that the spider is cute, not that it's small. In fact, it's a little over sized for a spider. The body is about the size of a watermelon. If I put the spider on top of my head, the legs hang down to my shoulders. It's currently sitting on top of Pikachu (it's not my fault!), who is just barely big enough to be a reasonable spider-stand. I'm thinking of changing Pikachu's little message in the window to read Pika!, with a subtitle of "Help!"
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