Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,


MOVE is supposed to be playing live this weekend at a con in Texas. Wanna see! *snivel* I wonder if there is any chance we could get them to come play at Fanime...

Related to that, I guess TP is showing the Third Stage movie at Big Apple Anime Fest this weekend. *cringe*

It looks like manga volume 27 is set to release on September 6. Guess I will be picking it up while I'm in Japan after all. >.< The last volume came out about four weeks before I went to Japan. (I didn't bother picking it up in Japan since I had read it all already anyway, thanks to Rence.) But I'm noticing a disturbing trend here...

In unrelated news, the 10-day forecast for Australia looks cloudy, but not actively wet.
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