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Yay! ACK!

Hmm, the good news or the bad news first...? I'll start with the order I spotted them in.

After the last press conference, I've been wanting to see more of Petter and Richard together. Looks like I get my wish

But... but... , where is Tommi going then? :( 'nuff said.

Subaru's posts on Richard and Tommi are here and here, respectively.

Meanwhile the fight for last place heats up as yet another Skoda driver joins the wounded list. Will Hyundai manage to make up the ten point gap between them and their closest rival? Inquiring minds want to... uh, know why they are worried about the battle for last place, actually.

Edit: On the happy side, Congrats to Petter on his wedding this past weekend! Pictures (and commentary in... I think it's Norweigan... can be found here:

Edit #2: Picture #10... Uh, nice cemetary?

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