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When The Pirates Come...

... And the numbskull who parked an extended-cab pickup perpendicular to the curb directly across from my garage, he can go next. Rar!

The Sandpanther was not amused to note that getting out of the garage this morning required feats of agility and dexterity worthy of an Olympic event. The Sandpanther left a politely-worded "don't park in my driveway again, you inconsiderate lout" note on the blatantly illegal offender, and will happily throw him to the marauding thieves known as the San Francisco Parking Department if he does it again -- or worse yet, summon the dread City Tow (whose mere name makes anyone who has ever had to deal with them quake in their boots.)

Saw Pirates last night. Excellent, excellent film. Well worth many re-watchings!

But really, all the mention of pirates was a cheesy way to try and get kyouichi's attention to ask if she needs a copy of the Finland coverage?
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