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Caution: Snarky Sandpanther

You know how sometimes when you have a toothache you can't stop poking at it, even though it hurts? I'm kind of in that mood -- only grumpier. You have been warned.

I usually ignore the domestic release of IniD completely. But out of a perverse curiosity to see if the TP version of IniD has been released yet, I took a look at what has to say about it.

It's rather amusing, in a tooth-achy sort of way. You can read it (and an anticipatory review, which, with some effort, I decided to not snark here

In a flyspeck town north of Tokyo, the teenagers' only thrill is street racing on Mt. Akina. Nerdy Takumi "Tak" Fujiwara isn't exited by racing like his friends Iggy and Cole. He doesn't realize that his ex-champion father has taught him all the racing tricks, making him deliver tofu up and down Mt. Akina without spilling a cup of water. Cole is injured when he tries to prepare to lead the local Speed Stars club against the arrogant Red Suns. He appeals to Mr. Fujiwara--who finagles Tak into racing. This 1998 broadcast series scored a bit hit in Japan, although in America, it plays like a tamer, animated Fast and the Furious. The CG cars, rock soundtrack, rapid-fire editing, and flashy camera work heighten the excitement--and make the disclaimer, "Follow the traffic rules and drive safely" sound insincere. (Rated 13 and older: tobacco use, minor profanity, street racing)

1. A population of 48, 442 (in 1997 -- it has likely changed since then) counts as "flyspeck", huh? Mighty big flys they've got in Japan, eh?

2. Takumi's nerdy? I would have thought he was the least nerdy of the (admittedly fairly dorky) Speedstars.

3. Bunta's an ex-champion? Bully for him! And here I thought all that was mentioned was that he was an ex-rally driver.

4. Delivering tofu without spilling water is a racing trick? Fascinating. And which type of racing did you say this was used in?

5. What, they didn't get The Fast And The Plotless in Japan? Or is it just that Japanese audiences somehow managed to miss the virtually non-existent connection between IniD and the F&F?

(As an aside, I am amused by Shibukawa's "Belly-button Festival". How did I miss that on my earlier researches on the city?)

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