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Ack! Scary!

Petter did, of course. I can't think of anyone who deserved it more.

The scary thing is, reading over this article, my sleep-fogged brain looked at the picture of Petter standing next to Nicky and perversely thought "I wonder if Petter kissed him when he got the award." It just seems like such a Petter thing to do.

Then I read further down the article, and came across this line:

He [Petter] was thrilled to receive the award, giving Nicky Grist, head of the voting panel, a big kiss on the lips

Ack! I thought I had been joking!!

Aside: *kicks WRR* Come on, why didn't you try and catch an interview with Petter when he came into the service park? You know after a battle like that he would have had something entertaining to say. Afraid he would call you a woman again? Maybe he wouldn't have that post-race banana? *grumble*

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