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I'm Too Tired To Come Up With A Subject Line

More ralliness.

Today's end-of-day press conference was even better than the one with Petter's "You better go faster, 'cause I'm going to take it from you man!" comment from Acropolis. This time had the top four drivers, since they figured that it wasn't fair to exclude Petter for being .2 seconds behind. They need Petter on the podium more often!

Here are the highlights that I can remember:

Petter: I think Carlos and I will have a good fight. But I think Richard will take second. He is very, very quick and his car is very good so it shouldn't be any problem.

Reporter: It sounds like he's setting you up for something there, Richard. What do you think?

Richard: He's right, yup.


Petter: ... Markko's fans are really good. They're not just supporting Markko, they're supporting everyone. My fans are still out on the stages, I think. There were quite a lot of Norweigian flags.

Richard: They're all still out on the stages because they're too drunk to get out.

Petter: Ok, ok, I have to comment something. I've seen two of Richard's fans. One was a lonely guy with an English flag, and the other one was doing this thing.

(What "this thing" was, we were told, was something that could not be described over the radio.)

Those two are too funny together.

The audio clip for it is up on, in the Multimedia section.
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