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Random lunchtime conversation

One day recently Cirdan and I were discussing the troubles with getting a new job. In particular, we were commenting that in getting a new job, one never knows if one is getting a better boss, when this snippet came up:

Me: "You never know when you're going to get a boss who locks contractors in a room with him and starts playing a ukulele at them in the middle of a meeting."

Cirdan: *long, silent pause* *disturbed look* "You picked that example at random, right? Right??"

Me: "Oh. No. My last psycho freak boss did that. He looked like Odo."

On a related work note, after making one particularly catty comment today, I told the Chihuahua On A Stick that I was in a really grouchy mood. She said, "Oh, good. You're much more fun when you're like this."

I'm disturbed. Now I know that when I'm in a bad mood, people at work break out the popcorn and kick back to watch the entertainment.
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