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Mock Me, For I Am Sad

Lo, I am sad. On my desktop at work I have a nifty screensaver of the Impreza WRC that I downloaded from I've had it for, oh, about two or three months now. It amuses me, and sometimes I will stare at it as a distraction from the annoyances of work.

It wasn't until today that I realized that it's the 2002-spec car.

*sweatdrop* I am a pathetic Subaru fan. How on earth could I have not noticed earlier that it didn't have that cheese grater on the back??

(The really sad thing is that the only reason that I noticed was because I saw a picture of the car from Finland 2002, and thought it interesting that the decals on that car matched the one in the screensaver, which got me wondering.)

My boss, BTW, mocked me extensively for this. My boss is cool.
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