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Strange Memories...

They're playing an interview with the team principle for Mitsubishi. For a while I was a little perplexed by some of the things said -- they mentioned that Mitsubishi would not be in Finland (which struck me as a "duh!" moment, since Finland is running right now), and made a comment about Jani Passonnen being released from the hospital today (eh? But his accident was two weeks ago, and I had heard he was doing well.)

I finally figured out that it was a replay of an interview done earlier when one of the questions asked clicked in my head and I thought "that's the exact phrasing to something she asked in Germany... Oh! This IS the interview from Germany, not a live one.

It's very sad that I didn't figure it out from all the time-relevant questions, but instead happened to remember some random innocuous question. My brain hangs onto some of the strangest information.

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