Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Weird Wake-up

I really need to become conscious soon... I seem to have a habit of muttering to myself when not entirely conscious. This could get highly disturbing for my coworkers... (Anyone who has experienced the joy of trying to carry on a conversation with me while I'm listening to rally coverage can imagine the entertainment...)

I woke up from a dream where Tommi had gotten lost on a transit, and they were running out of time. Fortunately, at the point where I woke up Kaj had just figured out where they were and how to get going in the right direction. I pondered rolling over and just going back to sleep, but did the only logical thing and stuck my headphones on. (Needed to make sure that dream wasn't my subconscious picking up something from the radio!) ^_^

Found out that door-to-door it's actually only 11 minutes to work. Not sure why it took me 18 minutes last time I timed it out, since that run should have been a lot faster. (Earlier in the morning, and I was a good deal less worried about tickets.)

3 1/2 minutes to complete 22 km... *tries to do math* 3 1/2 minutes to complete 22 km is... Uh, I think that's really fast, yeah. *kicks brain*

BTW, kyouichi, if you can get a chance to drop by before heading South, we have tapes of nekkid boys for you.

(No, I'm honestly not as pervvy as that last statement would make me seem!)

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