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Soon, The Happy Information Glut

Non WRC fans are warned that with a rally starting today, posts for the next several days are likely to degenerate into the incomprehensible. (Heck, once the sleep-dep starts kicking in, the posts will probably degenerate into the utterly incomprehensible, even for the rally fans.)

Shakedown pics are up on and rally-live.

Hee! And first car is now on stage. *bouncie, bouncie* (Yeah, I know it's only a super special. Addicts can't be choosers.)

I am amused by this picture. I want to caption it with "You made me suck on what?" But then, I am not Corrado Prevera's #1 fan.

Me is not entirely pleasey with this snippet. Though I would be amused if someone took up the "two-for-one" offer.

We may be out a Skoda already. It sounds like Didier Auriol's shoulder is seriously bothering him, and he may not be able to compete.

Sounds like it's so far so Marcus. He set the fastest time in the shakedown. Feh.

All this reminds me (for no apparent reason) that I need to send hoshikage a copy of the Oregon Trail coverage.
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