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*bangs head on desk*

I'm really getting tired of this whole "mother, may I?" game we seem to be playing at work right now. Thanks to new (and poorly explained --not to mention thought-out) procedures, I need to route pretty much all of my work through Fluffy. So basically I can't work on any problem without his permission. This results in a lot of waiting around to track him down and ask if I'm supposed to be doing something or not. It's really quite handy when there is something that I don't want to work on. But it's doing horrible things to our service levels, and isn't really helping in getting work done.

In somewhat disturbing news, one of our contractors just got let go. I'm not really surprised, but it still makes me worry somewhat. Particularly since the uber-boss can't seem to remember what the name of the system I work on is. I wonder if she remembers that it's critical to the entire packaging operation across the company (That would be the systems that control actually making the product that we give to people in exchange for money. You know -- kind of important?) Either way, I think it would probably be a good idea for me to keep a closer eye on the job market than I have been.

edit: I knew I had more I wanted to say but had forgotten what. A bored Sandpanther is a bad thing... I'm starting to stir up trouble at work just for the entertainment of seeing what happens when I do. (Sadly, so far, nothing. We are not amused. Humph.)

I really do wish that our fine Network Operations staff would tell me when they install new upgrades on my server. Particularly when it's untested Microsoft Service Packs that have a documented history of failure.
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