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More fun with cable

Well... So, this is another update on my pathetic cable situation. Those who are not interested, flee now. Just to warn the reader, I am tired, I am grumpy, and I am really seriously pissed-off that my cable service decided to cut out in the middle of Buffy last night. What follows will probably devolve into a serious pity-rant that will convince the reader that I am a psycho, obsessive freak who needs to step away from the TV and explore the world outside.

(It should be noted, by the way, that I do not deny the psycho or the obsessive part -- since that way leads to raucous choruses of laughter from my friends any time I try to deny it in their hearing. However, I can too step away from the TV. And usually do (it's the Internet I refuse to give up). But after three *%^#@ weeks of not being able to watch my TV programs when they air, I am starting to feel that the one steady, orderly thing in my life is being disrupted, and I am far from pleased about it. Besides, everyone's right -- Buffy has been noteworthily good this season. Or at least, what I've seen of it has been...)

Honestly, I don't know if they could have planned this better. There are shows that I enjoy watching, but if I didn't see them, it would be no skin off my nose. There are shows that if I didn't get to see them, I would make an active effort to ask all my friends if they still have a tape of the episode I missed, but I could wait to see it. And then there are shows where I must endure public ridicule, mockery, and estrangement from all of my friends for missing. And my evil, sadistic cable company decides to cut out in the middle of the show that is at the top of that list.

Since I needed to get credited for the time when we exclusively got the 24-hour Snow channel (all snow, all channels, all the time), I decided that now was as good a time as any to call up the cable company and take care of that administrative detail, as well as whine at them for dumping out on me on the one hour a week that really counts. After getting the billing issue taken care of, I was sent off to a technical person to whine about why they decided that I really didn't want to see how the episode ended. (As a side note, I got to see precisely 31 minutes of the episode. I love my TiVo.) On the technical side, I got a stunningly nice guy who said that yes, there was an outage in my area last night. He then waited patiently while I ranted about being without cable for two weeks, and agreed that yes, other people were stupid and dropped the ball. And -- best of all -- he told me why the cable was out for those two weeks.

Someone accidentally disconnected us.

At one point I had wondered if maybe that wasn't the case. The downstairs neighbor had recently moved out, so I had asked one of the techs if maybe someone had accidentally disconnected us instead of her. They even checked their records and said that no, that didn't look like it. They specifically checked to see if the account was disconnected, and they said that it was not.

In case anyone was wondering, the reps at AT&T Broadband are nice and well meaning, but are otherwise not terribly good at their job.

I'm seriously considering shaving my head, renouncing cable, and retiring to a life of quite contemplation eating yak butter in Tibet.

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