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Morning Randomness

This grumpiness provided by being awoken at 3 AM for the second day in a row.

I got snapped out of an uneasy dream that involved one of my former roommates* by a bloody big thunderclap practically over my head. This is not the way to wake up. I don't know why it hit me this way, but for some reason I woke up feeling really frightened. I usually don't have a problem with thunderstorms, but this one I did. It went on for a good ten minutes at least, until finally it spent itself out with a huge BOOOM that seemed to be directly on top of us, and set all the car alarms in the area off.

( * I think I was dreaming about this former roommate because I am going through a lot of old paperwork, including a bunch of back bills which I believe he still owes me money on, but which he has decided he doesn't. At this point I'm not going to pursue it, and will simply let the bad karma -- and the fact that my best friend is his boss, and she agrees with me that he's bilked me out of a fair amount of cash -- take care of my petty urge for him to suffer for his rude way of repaying me for helping him out through a rough time in his life. Now if he could be so kind as to GO AWAY and let me get a good night's sleep...)

It took me what felt like forever to get back to sleep, and I don't think I slept soundly once I did sleep. The trees being shorn off lets too much light from the street lamp into my room, and I miss the sound of the branches scraping against the side of the house.

I really hope the trees are able to grow back, though I am not sure they will be able to. The tree "trimmers" took off every single leaf, and left just the trunk. Is it possible for a eucalyptus to recover from that??

(Lying awake at 3:30 AM I thought that it was a pity today wasn't on a rally weekend, since then I could at least check the current classifications, since I was awake anyway. Feh.)

Driving in to work this morning I got stuck behind a dork who thought he was driving in Japan. At least he stayed on the right side of the street while poking along at the Japanese speed limits. (Though if he hadn't, at least I would have been able to get past him before he had a hideous head-on collision.) I would like to club him over the head with something heavy for making me merge onto the freeway at 30 MPH. Haven't these people figured out how DANGEROUS that is?? The on-ramp I use turns immediately into an exit-only lane, so pretty much everyone must exit it -- usually only going at about half the speed of the cars one is merging with. There is a reason I know that doing 60 MPH in second gear only brings my car up to 6k revs. Though I really prefer not to have to test that out too often.

At least blowing past the moron was somewhat satisfying.

And so now I am sitting at work with the most amazing case of Grump. Rar.

Hmmm... It would be cool if it were so, but the rumor mill is so busy these days that the future is yet clouded.

Not that I wasn't expecting to hear it, but the comments about the accident at Oregon Trail in this article are a little misleading. The SCCA championship doesn't allow pace notes, and I'm fairly certain they don't use/allow gravel crews either (no recce), so I think that particular argument is rather specious.

(And just to be contrary, I agree with the point that for the WRC, eliminating gravel crews would increase the danger. I just think comparing the WRC and the SCCA ProRally is a bit like comparing apples and oranges.)

Oh, and the last sentence in this article is amusing. It may be slower, but at least it looks good! Heh.

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