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Morning News Trowel

This is cool. Though I still twitch every time I see the number 4. Too much Japanese culture warps one's brain.

Weird comment from Colin, regarding Citreon's line up for next year:
"I reckon it should be Carlos, he's the wealthiest," he laughed. "He can go off and train with David Beckham at Real Madrid. Anyway, look at his hair. It's getting real long. I reckon he's making it into a footballer's pony tail!"

In the weather news, showers are predicted for the shakedown/SS1 for Finland. Though I suspect that the weather will be a lot less of a factor in Finland than it was in Germany.

Rally-live has the schedule for Finland up. I figure I'll be able to catch maybe half the stages. I figure it may not matter much since Marcus is probably going to win anyway -- unless Marko's Focus decides to not break for once. :P I really don't need to lose sleep following yet another Marcus-stop. (Though at least this year we have been mercifully light on those.)

Deutschland XS broadcasts tonight.
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